White with Yellow Stripe

White with Orange Stripe

Safety Skills, Life Skills and Martial Art Skills

· Anti Drugs

· Fire Safety

· Stranger Danger

· How to deal with Bullies

· Anger Control

· Listening

· Balance

· Discipline

· Coordination

· Cooperation

· Respect

· Kicks

· Punches

· Blocks

· Stances




Ages 3-6

Little Dragons Program

White with Purple Stripe

Lil Dragon Belt Ranks

Benefits For Students

· Balance

· Coordination

· Socialization

· Confidence

· Self Esteem

· Following Directions

· Self Discipline

· Respect for themselves and others

· Release of Energy

· Learn Healthy Habits

· Set goals and work hard


White Belt

White with Green Stripe

White with Blue Stripe

White with Brown Stripe

​​Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu

The Lil Dragon's program is a special young children's class. It is designed to familiarize the younger student with the dojo and the types of teaching methods used in Karate-Do.

Types of activities for this class include: tumbling, obstacle courses, relay games, light exercise/stretching, very basic techniques, history, philosophy, etiquette, rules, equipment training, Light/No contact sparring and self-defense.